Walter van Hauwe



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Tim Minchin - 9 Life Lessons

listen carefully for what he is saying (as for example his point 6)

Barbara Hannigan - Ligeti's 'Mysteries of the Macabre'

how far can (should) one go...?

Calefax Quintet - Edvard Grieg 'Air aus Holbergs Zeit'

extraordinary visual analysis

Chris Bliss - Juggling to The Beatles

[:just practise - practise - practise - practise - practise - practise - practise - practise - practise - practise - practise:]

Anna-Maria Hefele

amazing control over mouthcavity, tongue and airstream

polyphone singing

Belcea Quartet - Beethoven Opus 130 - Presto


Kendrick Lamar - Untitled 8

relentless rhythmic power - clever, razor sharp texts - amazing band

Lucie Horsch, Orchestra of 18-Cent. - JS Bach BWV 1053

just a very inspiring performance based on truly understanding, complete control and pure pleasure

Music for Margaret of Austria (excerpts)

how smooth the pure sounds of voice and recorders can merge - a compilation




    Seldom    Sene   


Thomas Tallis - O sacrum convivium

why visual contact?........just listen

Seldom Sene

Aria da capo - Just perfect and...

J.S. Bach

Var. 1 ...incredible relaxed...

Goldberg Variations

Variation 28 ...ensemble playing.

Berlage Saxophone Quartet - JS Bach BWV 988 - Aria - Goldberg Variations

One of these alternative options

Atlas Ensemble - Amsterdam - Joël Bons: 'Nomaden'

unheard mixed soundcolours with west and non-west instruments

JS Bach - Concerto in a minor-BWV 1065


Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals

This is how 'grounds', regardless of style, still can inspire topmusicians to improvise, harmonise and having fun. Recently seen live in Amsterdam. Absolutaly amazing!

Kurt Schwitters - Ursonate (1932), performed by Kurt Schwitters

definitely set my artistic focus when I first heard this at the age of 16

Theo Jansen


how complex can you get it


Lianne La Havas - Wonderful

simply beautiful vocals on a bed of amazing instrumental subtleties

Tiny Desk performance (2015)

James Blake - I Never Learnt to Share

talking about 'out of the box'...

Alexandr Misko

not bad either...

Jacob Collier on Moon River

an incredible masterclass in digital instrumentation!